Liquid Sky


Travelling and exploring the world is a privilege. Combined with the sort of experience you can only make in certain unique places, it literally widens the horizon. Especially at the seaside, the sky sometimes blends into the earth and water and there’s a fluent transition of the elements…

My first inspiration for an Auberge was located in Southern France. In the Provence region, there was a legendary hostel called Regain le Colombier, situated in the Luberon natural park. Its managers were botanists and silent movie collectors, cartographers and many other things. Regain was a miraculous place full of surprises around every corner (including an outdoor cinema underneath a cliff). Such a place makes you want to create something similar. Space for savoir-vivre.

On a journey across Europe or the world, wonderful places and ideas can be found, unexpectedly hidden in some remote corner – a hut in the jungle or a small kitchen off an unnamed street in an Asian city. Unawares, the tiny rocky island in front of a heartbreakingly beautiful sandy beach, or a sublime coffee at a farm in the mountains or the hypnotic interplay of the shimmering colors of the sea can all enchant you.

The miracles found in every step made me long for my own guest house, where history is woven into the ground and the sea is called LE GRAND LARGE.

The peninsula of Crozon stretches its cliffs like a hand into the rough Atlantic ocean. In this remote corner, the Celts erected their menhirs. Between the bay where the old port of Camaret-sur-Mer is located and the untamed coast of Pen Hat, you will find CIEL LIQUIDE. This is a place which makes you feel at home at the edge of the world, in an unmistakably Breton style.

The eclectic mixture of Provençale warmness of heart, a spark of Asian enlightenment and a deep calm that rivals the relaxed pinetrees of the Pays Basque is not pure geographic-esoteric madness but CIEL LIQUIDE.

La joie de vivre and the FLOW have motivated the creation of this place.

By soothing your body and soul with crystal clear waves and picturesque bays, and experiencing the best that Finistère has to offer, your stay will become an unforgettable time en Bretagne.